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Creative Pedicure Designs Sail Back to Fashion in 2020!

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A survey of the leading European beauty professionals uncovered that 2020 is expected to be the year of bright colours and unique styles. For example, creative and brave nail designs will have a long overdue comeback.

Creative and unique nail designs will have a long overdue comeback

Initially popularised in Los Angeles in 2000's by Latin community, creative and colourful nail designs have slowly fallen of fashion over the following decade and a half. Decline in popularity has been mostly driven by the shift of the global fashion towards 'simple lines and monotonous colours'. However, recent consumer push against mainstream fashion led to revival of demand for unique designs and personalised styles from 'hair to the toes'. 'Our members want everything about them to scream their personal individual style! Attention to details is the key, hence we have hired a nail expert with creative nail design skills to stay on trend in 2020. Tasteful nail designs need to not only match your style, but reflect the season or the nature of the Soiree or Gala that you are attending! Just look at any red carpet in New York or Milan!

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